About us

We are the largest manufacturer of light reflecting products in Lithuania and Nothern Europe with rich market knowledge based on cooperation with world leading companies and well-known brand names all over the world. We produce reflective products.

Manufacturing products we focus on:

  • Building of long-term relationships with our customers.
  • Responsibility in all value chain.
  • The assurance of products quality and delivery time.

Manufacturing in Lithuania and a wide network of partners allow us to serve our customers not only in Europe but also in other continents. All our products meet and exceed international standards. Our pricing policy is the best quality for the lowest price. Due to inovative solutions our prices compete even in the Chinese market and the quality is significantly higher.


All our products are printed in the process of digital or screen way based on Pantone™ and CMYK colour system. Even though we make all possible efforts to recreate the colours according to customers needs, we are not able to guarantee the exact colour extraction.

We would like to draw your attention that our manufacturing process has some limitations. For this reason we reserve the right to make any necessary changes in terms of your submitted template mismatches.


We are paying a special attention to the quality of our products. All manufacturing process meets the highest standards starting from raw materials to the final product. The advantage is that you buy directly from the producer and for this reason we guarantee the highest quality products for competitive prices.


Cargo acceptance is treated as delivery. If a customer does not provide delivery instructions, we will use our chosen delivery way (freight carrier, DPD, DHL, mail, etc.). Even though we make all efforts in order to match all the requirements for a delivery date, but due to unpredicted occurances in manufacturing process, we are not able to guarantee the delivery date and also we are not responsible for the damage caused for the customer. All the losses while transporting the products are submitted to delivery services and any claims for damage compensation should be submitted to carrier‘s agent.


Claims or complaints must be submitted to us within 48 hours of goods receipt and within 7 working days in written form. Received goods can be returned if the customer pays the shipping cost. The customer cannot return the goods without an official permission, which can be obtained just from our company, only after receiving customer’s written complaint.

Due to returning of goods, please contact us by email: info@safereflector.lt